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Jennie Chung

Jennie Chung, LCSW-R

Jennie Chung

As someone who has always been distinctly aware that they were just a little different from those around me, I was always eager to fit in and eager to please. Fearful of the thought of failure I did all that I was “supposed to do.” I went to college, got internships, and secured a job; but I wasn’t happy and wasn’t passionate. 

Dispelling societal expectations was challenging. Bucking the norms made me acknowledge my privilege but allowed me to embrace the opportunity. After returning and completing my Masters in Social Work from Hunter College in 2012, I am intensely passionate about my work. I have worked extensively with individuals of all ages struggling with prolonged, complex trauma and intergenerational or multicultural concerns that often affect self-confidence and interpersonal relationships.

Having experienced many of these issues, I am a strong ally and advocate who believes transformation comes through a collaborative process. My goal is to teach clients to learn to recognize their strengths — to be their own best friends, champions, defenders, and cheerleaders. 

Using a relational approach and a trauma-informed lens, I integrate various methodologies including CBT, DBT, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, and art to help clients identify patterns, increase self-awareness and create positive change. I adamantly believe that therapy should feel relaxed and comfortable so you can feel engaged and trust in the ability to speak confidently and without fear of judgment or bias.




At NY Therapy Space, I aim to provide you with individualized high-quality therapy services that fit your unique needs. I operate on the belief that therapy should first, and foremost, be collaborative, yet comfortable, while still feeling like a challenge. There should not feel like there is any sense of power or ego in the “therapeutic room” because only you know your life and I am just a bystander. However, as a clinician and a neutral party, I do believe I can assist and help in offering skills and techniques that enable you to see things from a different perspective.  

Currently, sessions are held virtually via HIPAA-compliant video services (Zoom or Google Meets). Each new client is required to complete an initial intake session, which is 90-minutes in duration. Each additional follow-up session is generally 50-minutes in length; the frequency of sessions will depend on each individual and their particular needs.

Clients can expect to work “side-by-side,” actively and relationally. I greatly adjust my treatment style to each client and their unique personality and mode of processing. Empathetically, using tone, verbiage, and even sometimes personal anecdotes, I work with clients to ensure that they can recognize and feel a sense of safety, intellectually, emotionally, and physically, as we undergo the process of understanding current symptoms, developing coping strategies and achieve the metamorphosis you’ve been seeking.

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